Small luxury hotel standing by the seaside
Spending time there is the greatest purpose of the trip

There are only 11 rooms and all of them are over 50m² suites
The line of Palm trees and the Harbor view over Enoshima
island and Mt. Fuji invite guests to another world

About 1 hour from Tokyo Metropolitan area,
close to the ancient capital of Kamakura,
is where Riviera Zushi Marina sits

Wrapped up in the atmosphere of Malibu,
one of the best resort destinations in L.A.--

Witness the birth of "MALIBU HOTEL"

A restaurant that lets you
feel the Malibu breeze
launches in Japan

Malibu is the place where the celebrities' beach houses stand side by side, one of the best scenic spots in L.A. Malibu, the restaurant in the iconic "MALIBU PIER", will hit Japan for the first time.


How to stay

New things always come from here.
The opportunity to “play” is essential in order to facilitate more intense concentration for performing what needs to be done right here and now. We offer various suggestions to make you feel inspired.


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5-23-9, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa 249-0007